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Blood Bank

Only a life lived for others is a life worth while.

Those who have experienced the joy of giving, known for sure, that is an eternal spring. It costs nothing & is still priceless jewel, the value of which can only be known by either the hand that gives or the hand that receives.

The blood bank has a vast array of state of the art equipment for its smooth functioning, which include: Deep Freezers which maintain temperatures of -30 C and -80 C, heavy duty Refrigerated Centrifuge for the separation of components at different speeds, Platelet Agitators, Cryobath, Tube Sealers and Blood Collection Monitors.

We have strict quality control measures for the blood bank and ensure the right blood type is supplied after thorough testing.

Blood bank caters to all patients including out-patients. There is a constant effort to encourage and motivate patients and relatives of patients to donate blood at our blood bank. Not only this, we conduct blood donation drives and camps from time to time to voluntarily collect blood from donors. In times of natural disaster or any other crisis in the city, we strive to reach out and help any citizen who maybe in urgent need of blood for survival.